Tuesdays with Tina

Tuesdays with Tina is a weekly online event during COVID19. Designed to bring my circle together for learning and collaboration featuring my friends and business partners to bring you new topics and learning. Enjoy, these files are the audio of the zoom meetings and will be adjusted and changed each week.

We are discussing Relationships with Verlyne Christensen, M.Sc. https://www.verlyne.com/

- How to address what comes up for you during social distancing -- thoughts, reflections, conflicts, frustrations, fears, annoyances, difficult conversations... What meaning does it all have?

- How to make space when there is no space

- Understanding the various ways we deal with social distancing and how to respond to someone whose way of dealing is different than yours

- Can you thrive during social isolation?

My Acupuncturist and Naturopathic Doctor: Dr. Alison Drought, BSc, ND, will talk about how to support a healthy immune system. http://www.dr-alison.com/

Have you thought about writting a book, or maybe you have one ready you need to publish your book. These amazing women have the answers. 

Stephanie: www.stephaniedawnhrehirchuk.com
Eva: www.facebook.com/evagonzalezwriter
M.J.: www.mjkaestli.com

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